Jiang, Han

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Education Background

Ph.D. in Strategic Management, Arizona State University

Research Field
Social network and social capital, Corporate governance and strategic leadership, Entrepreneurship and venture financing, Global supply chains and cross-border M&A
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Han Jiang received his Ph.D. degree from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Before joining CUHK-Shenzhen, he served on the faculty of Tulane University and the University of Arizona. Han’s research focuses on social networks and inter-organizational relationships, corporate governance and strategic leadership, international business, and entrepreneurship. His works have been published regularly in leading academic journals. Han actively assumes editorial and leadership duties for leading academic journals and conferences. Since late 2021, he has been serving as the Senior Editor at Asia Pacific Journal of Management. He is also a member of the editorial review board for Strategic Management Journal and Management and Organization Review. He has also been serving on the macro research committee of IACMR since 2021.

Academic Publications

Representative Referred Publications

1. Jiang, H*., Zhang, Y.*, & Jiao, J. 2023. A Recombinant Framework of Technological Information Disclosure and Reward-Based Crowdfunding Performance of Technology Projects. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, forthcoming (FT50)

2. Ding, H.*, Hu, Y.*, Jiang, H.*, Wu, J.*, & Zhang, Y.* 2023. Social Embeddedness and Supply Chains: Doing Business with Friends vs. Making Friends in Business. Production and Operations Management, forthcoming (UTD 24, FT50)

3. Jiang, H.*, Xia, J.*, Luo, Y*, Hitt, M.*, & Shen, J.* 2023. Resource Dependence Theory in International Business: Progress and Prospects. Global Strategy Journal, 13(1): 3-57.

4. Jiang, H., Jia, N., Bruton, G., & Bai, T. 2021. Cleaning House before Hosting New Guests: A Political Path Dependence Model of Political Connection Adaptation in the Aftermath of Anticorruption Shocks. Strategic Management Journal, 42(10): 1793-1821. (UTD 24, FT50)

5. Jiang, H., Xia, J., Devers, C., & Shen, W. 2021. Boarding the Sinking Ship: A Firm-Director Interdependence Framework of Mutual Selection between Declining Firms and Director Candidates. Academy of Management Journal, 64(3): 901-925. (UTD 24, FT50)

6. Jiang, H.*, Wang, Z.*, Yang, L.*, Shen, J., & Hahn, J., 2021. How rewarding are your rewards? A value-based view of crowdfunding rewards and crowdfunding performance. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 45(3): 562-599. (FT50)

7. Zhang, J.*, Jiang, H.*, Wu, R., & Li, J. 2019. Reconciling the Dilemma of Knowledge Sharing: A Network Pluralism Perspective of Firms’ R&D Alliance Networks and Innovation Performance. Journal of Management, 45(7):2635-2665. (FT50)

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