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The Center for Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship(abbreviation “CIDE”)


In response to Shenzhen government’s call to vigorously promote the mass entrepreneurship and innovation and build a system of incubation service for innovation and entrepreneurship in schools, the “Galaxy WORLD Chinese University of Hong Kong(Shenzhen) innovation and entrepreneurship base”, which was jointly constructed by The Chinese University of Hong Kong(Shenzhen) and Galaxy Group, was officially put into operation in the autumn of 2015. The Center for Innovation, Design& Entrepreneurship(abbreviation “CIDE”) was also established at that time. Relying on the resources of our school and Galaxy Group, it helps teachers and students carry out entrepreneurial activities, creates an active "customer flow" and an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere with investment value.

CIDE provides innovative curriculum and carries out teaching and training about the projects for entrepreneurial teams. This department actively promotes technology transfer, exchange and cooperation, entrepreneurship guidance and entrepreneurship services. CIDE also provides supports for the docking activities with respect to the technology and capital between the entrepreneurial teams and venture capital enterprises and provides low-cost, facilitation, total factor, open work space, web space and social space for innovative entrepreneurs.

CIDE became a Incubation Base in Shenzhen for Entrepreneurs at 18th Oct, 2017.

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