At present, SME offers our undergraduate students majors in Finance, Economics, Professional Accounting, Marketing and Communication, Financial Engineering and Global Business Studies. Economics has two streams: Applied Economics and Economic Science. Financial Engineering has two streams: Quantitative Finance and FinTech. Global Business Studies provides two streams: Global Business Management, Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management.


For postgraduate programmes, SME offers both taught and research programmes. Taught programmes include MSc in Finance Programme, MSc in Economics Programme (including the Partnership Master Programme in Economics with the University of Wisconsin-Madison), MSc in Accounting Programme, MSc in Data Science Programme, MSC in Marketing Programme, MSc in Business Management Programme, MSc in Information Management and Business Analytics, EMSc Programme in Supply Chain and Logistic Management and Finance EMBA Programme. Research Programmes include MPhil-PhD in Economics Programme and MPhil-PhD in Finance Programme. An applicant with a research master's degree should apply for admission to PhD Stream, while an applicant with a bachelor's degree can apply for admission to either MPhil or PhD Stream.


1, Financial Engineering is jointly offered by School of Management and Economics, School of Science and Engineering and School of Data Science.

2, Tripartite Programme: Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management is a tripartite programme of CUHK-Shenzhen SME, Copenhagen Business School and The University of British Columbia.

3, MSc in Data Science is a joint programme launched by School of Management and Economics and School of Science and Engineering in collaboration with Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data and Shenzhen Finance Institute.