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ZOU, Wenli Lili


Assistant Professor

Education Background

Ph.D. in Marketing, The University of Hong Kong

M.Phil. in Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

B.A. in Advertising, South China University of Technology

Research Field
Services Marketing, Customer Crowding, Customer Delight, Service-Sales Ambidexterity
Service Marketing, Introduction to Marketing


Lili Zou is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. She received her Ph.D. degree in Marketing from School of Business, The University of Hong Kong. Her research interests involve Crowding Management, Customer-Customer Interaction, Customer Relationship Management, and Anthropomorphism. 

Academic Publications:

Academic Publications/Presentations:

1. Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, Lili W. Zou, Echo Wen Wan, ‘Alleviating Customers’ Crowding Perceptions: The Role of Contrived Similarity’, Marketing Science 2016, Shanghai, China

2. Lili. W. Zou, Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, and Kimmy W. Chan, ‘How to Create Customer Delight and Does It Really Drive Customer Loyalty? An Examination in a B2B Context’, Marketing Science 2015, Baltimore, US.

3. Lili W. Zou, Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, and Echo Wen Wan, ‘An Empirical Investigation of How Interpersonal Similarity Influences Customers’ Crowding Perceptions in Services Contexts’, EMAC 2015, Leuven, Belgium

4. Lili W. Zou and Ricky Y. K. Chan, ‘Exploring Consumers’ Intentions to Bring Their Own     Shopping Bags: An Integrated Perspective’, LCBR European Marketing Conference 2010, Munich, Germany


Work in Progress:

1. Perceived crowding and contrived similarity, with Bennett Yim and Echo Wan

2. Social crowding vs. spatial crowding and anthropomorphism, with Echo Wan and Bennett Yim

3. Customer delight: A social comparison perspective, with Bennett Yim and Kimmy Chan

4. Service-sales ambidexterity: A multi-level analysis, with Bennett Yim and Kimmy Chan