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LIU, Bin


Assistant Professor

Education Background

Ph.D., Economics, National University of Singapore

B.S., Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China

Research Field
Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization, Contests, Auctions
Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis
Personal Website


Academic Publications:

1. “Many-To-Many Disjoint Paths in Hypercubes with Faulty Vertices,” (with Xiang-Jun Li, Meijie Ma, and Jun-Ming Xu), forthcoming, Discrete Applied Mathematics.  
2. "Pairing Provision Price and Default Remedy: Optimal Two-Stage Procurement with Private R&D Efficiency," (with Jingfeng Lu), R&R, The RAND Journal of Economics.
3. "Optimal Contest Design with Incomplete Information," (with Jingfeng Lu, Ruqu Wang, and Jun Zhang), R&R, Journal of Economic Theory.
4. "The Optimal Allocation of Prizes in Contests with Costly Entry," (with Jingfeng Lu).
5. "Enhancing Effort Supply with Prize-Augmenting Entry Fees: Theory and Experiments," (with Robert G. Hammond, Jingfeng Lu, and Yohanes E. Riyanto).