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LIU, Zhuang


Assistant Professor

Education Background

J.S.D., The University of Chicago

Ph.D. Peking University

LL.B., Peking University

Research Field
Economic Analysis of Law, Business Law and Economic Regulation, Judicial Behavior


John Zhuang Liu joined CUHKSZ, School of Management and Economics, in September, 2016 as assistant professor of law and economics. He earned a Bachelor of Law and a Ph.D. in Law from Peking University, and a J.S.D. from the University of Chicago. His research interests lie at the intersection of law, regulation, and empirical methodologies.

Academic Publications:


1. Reason Writing Reduces Decision Bias: Experimental Evidence from Judges in China, Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming)

2. Moral Hazard in Securitization: Between Truth and Illusion, Peking University Law Journal (forthcoming)


Working Papers

1. Comparative Legal Reasoning: Experimental Outcome and Click-Stream Data from Argentinian, Chinese, and U.S. Judges (with Lars Klöhn, Ivan Reidel, and Holger Spamann)

2. Does Decentralization Always Improve Economic Performance? Evidence from the Micro-lending Sector in China (with Yingmao Tang)

3. The Cautionary Effect of Formality: An Experimental Investigation of Chinese Judges

4. The Economic Structure of the Jury System


Work in Progress

1. Procedures that Reduce Context Dependence in Judicial Decision Making (with Adi Leibovitch)

2. No Specific Performance (with Lei Chen)

3. Comparative Trust in the Judiciary (with Xueyao Li)

4. What Make a Judicial Decision Convincing: Experimental Evidence from China