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WANG, Jiannan Harry


Associate Professor

Education Background

Ph.D. in MIS from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, USA

B.S. in MIS from Tianjin University, China.

Research Field
Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Process Management, Enterprise Information Systems Services, Computing and Management


Harry Jiannan Wang is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems. He is also the Vice President of Technology for the Association for Information Systems. He received Ph.D. in MIS from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, USA and B.S. in MIS from Tianjin University, China. His research interests involve business process management, business analytics and intelligence, services computing, and enterprise systems. He has published research articles in journals, such as Information Systems Research, Decision Support Systems, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Journal of Database Management, and Information and Management. Dr. Wang has serviced as associate editor, special issue guest editor, and editorial board member for several journals and organized the 2014 Workshop on Business Processes and Service and the 2013 China Summer Workshop on Information Management as a conference co-chair. He has also been a program co-chair, program committee member, and track co-chair for numerous conferences.

Academic Publications:

1. Yang Yang, Harry J. Wang and Gang Wang, “Understanding crowdfunding processes: a dynamic evaluation and simulation approach,” Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, forthcoming 2016. 
2. Haoyuan Feng, Jin Tian, Harry J. Wang, and Minqiang Li, “Personalized recommendation based on time-weighted overlapping community detection,” Information and Management, Volume 52, Issue 7, 2015, Pages 789–800. 
3. G. Alan Wang, Harry J. Wang, Jiexun Li, Weiguo Fan, and Alan Abrahams, "An Analytical Framework for Understanding Knowledge Sharing Processes in Online Q&A Communities," ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Volume 5 Issue 4, 2015. 
4. Wil van der Aalst, J. Leon Zhao, Harry J. Wang, “Editorial: Business Process Intelligence: Connecting Data and Processes," ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Volume 5 Issue 4, 2015. 
5. Jiexun Li, Harry J. Wang, and Xue Bai, "An Intelligent Approach to Data Extraction and Task Identification for Process Mining," Information Systems Frontiers, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp 1195-1208, 2015. 
6. Guoqing Chen, Paulo Goes, Harry J. Wang, Qiang Wei, J. Leon Zhao, “Guest Editorial: Business applications of Web of Things,” Decision Support Systems, 63, 1–2, 2014. 
7. Nan Feng, Harry J. Wang, Minqiang Li, "A Security Risk Analysis Model for Information Systems: Causal Relationships of Risk Factors and Vulnerability Propagation Analysis," Information Sciences, Volume 256, pp. 57–73, 2014. 
8. Xue Bai, Ramayya Krishnan, Rema Padman, and Harry J. Wang, “On Risk Management with Information Flows in Business Processes,” Information Systems Research, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp. 731-749, 2013. 
9. Harry J. Wang and J. Leon Zhao, "Constraint-centric Workflow Change Analytics," Decision Support Systems, Volume 51, pp. 562-575, 2011. 
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11. Harry J. Wang, J. Leon Zhao, and Liang-Jie Zhang, "Policy-Driven Process Mapping (PDPM): Discovering Process Models from Business Policies," Decision Support Systems, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp. 267-281, 2009.