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On Carriage • Crazy Party —— Review of Halloween Night

On Nov.5th, the campus looked different than normal times.

Transportation on the campus was not the ordinary shuttle bus but gorgeous carriages.

Friends ditched daily outfit and dressed up as fairies, sprites, and ghosts. They put on scary makeup bizarre clothes.

The Halloween Party held by Office of Student Affair and Max Dance Club is for students to let off steam after mid-term exams. President Yangsheng Xu, faculty, and principals of Chinese key high schools participated in the activity, sharing the pleasure of the Western festival together.

Diligentia et Sapientia-- Movie and Literature

Professor Oufan Lee sees movies adapted from books are the fruits of the combinition of writing culture and visual culture. He believes being able to tell a good story does not make a novel or movie good, “ being able to display artisitc expression and creativity while telling the story marks a good movie, ” Professor Oufan Lee said.


When "Youth" and "Peking Opera Charisma" Meet

In the eyes of most people, Peking Opera is often misunderstood. Some say it has slow rhythms and is difficult to understand due to ancient tones and regional cultural differences.Ms. WANG Peiyu , the fourth generation of Yu School Laosheng (old characters) founded by Legend YU Shuyan, is billed as "Boss Yu". Her inspiring speech, riveting demonstration of the facial expression and several arias intrigued the audience.


“2017 Mid-Autumn Get-Together” for International Students

Over 50 international students joined local classmates to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with university management, including the President, Professor Xu Yangsheng, the Associate Vice-President for Global Affairs, Professor Jesús Seade, and the Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs, Professor Li Xia.


Zen and Life

2017 International Workshop on Mathematical Issues in Information Sciences (MIIS)

The Welcoming Address of the Second Graduation Ceremony delivered by Professor Yangsheng Xu

Address to Graduating Class delivered by Professor Myron Scholes

World in My Lens: Photography by Cyril Ming Kai Chan

Exhibition Dates: 20 November 2017 to 28 February 2018

Venue: Exhibition Hall, 101, G/F, Teaching C

Opening & Sharing: 16:00, 20 November 2017 (Mon.)


About the Exhibition

The Lonely Masters——The Destiny of Artists in Western Art History

Dear All,


You are cordially invited to Chinese Culture Colloquium delivered by Prof. Hou Jun from 16:15 to 17:30 on November 16, 2017.


Topic:The Lonely Masters——The Destiny of Artists in Western Art History

Speaker: Hou Jun

Date: Nov.16, 2017, Thursday

Time: 16:15-17:30

Venue: Governing Board Meeting Room, Dao Yuan Building