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One Day at SME of CUHK-Shenzhen SME is released

  • 2018.10.31
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How does a student from CUHK-Shenzhen SME spend his/her day?
It can be the bird song when you are waiting for the shuttle bus, or the shady lane which leads you to the teaching building.
It can be your concentration of listening to professors in lectures, or the leisure of searching for books in the bookstore.
Never hesitate to consult your professor for any doubt or problems on the course content,
but what would you expect to gain from the conversation between you and your professor when enjoying a cup of coffee?
You can discuss or even debate violently with your fellows outside the library, or reading books inside the library silently.
You can play the piano or practice calligraphy in the Student Activity Centre, or break a sweat in the sports hall.
Shaw Canteen, Pandora food court and even more are where you build up your energy reserve.
More to discover in
One Day at SME.
Production Director: Howard Pong Yuen LAM
Script Translation: Fiona
Starring: Assistant Prof. Qitian REN, School of Management and Economics;
Class of 2017 Zhijun HUANG, Class of 2017 Minjum PARK (Andrew),
Class of 2017 Runge YU, Class of 2017 Lan WU, Class of 2017 Xun KANG
Producer: Marketing and Communications, CUHK-Shenzhen SME.