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Elegant Lifestyle in Making: Muse College “Fridge Tidying” Activity

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2017.4.19
  • News
The Activity Milk Sharing enabled students to enjoy everyday milk provided by Muse College. While delivering the milk to fridges for storage, students from the Muse College Student Association found items were placed disorderly in fridges, making it hard to make room for shared milk storage zone exclusively. To create a better environment, Muse College initiated the “Food Packaging and Fridge Tidying” activity, followed by “Fridge Cleaning” activity 2 weeks later.


When putting the shared milk into the fridge, students delivering the milk noticed there wasn’t a tiny bit of land for milk storage, initiating the “Fridge Cleaning” activity.



Students were provided with cartons, paper bags for food packaging, and stickers with patterns valid for 2 weeks which will be regularly replaced with stickers with different patterns, so that the out-of-date items could be cleaned out accordingly.

The tidying process follows four steps as shown below: 1. Put the food in the cartons/ paper bags. 2. Affix the latest stickers to the cartons/ paper bags. 3. Mark your name together with room number on the label 4. Place the packaged items in the fridge for storage.



The Activity carried out smoothly with sticker patterns changing from star, heart, to apple. The first attempt aimed to clean out the items as follows: Items attached with stickers containing invalid star patterns Items with labels without packaging with cartons/ paper bags Items without names or room number information Items left plain without any labels, stickers, or packages



The situation looked up in the episode 2 for “Fridge Tidying” activity after the first attempt. Almost all the items were wrapped with packages, among which, unqualified items still persisted.



For example, moldy fruits......



items attached with invalid sticker pattern containing stars......



and the things without packages in spite of updated stickers came into sight.



Unqualified items were removed from the fridge to the storage boxes, ripe for their owners’ claims.


The cleaning activity allowed more space to be used for storage.


Muse College affixed the notice to the fridge to (as shown above) inform students of the expiry date of different categories of stickers so that students could form an elegant lifestyle starting from keeping the fridge tidy.

Muse, always.