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— 深圳高等金融研究院 —
Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ)


        The Shenzhen government entrusts CUHK (SZ) with the funds and resources to establish the Shenzhen Finance Institute. The institute aims to provide a globally recognized center in the field of economics and finance that nurtures innovative talents; cultivates an advanced global research base; builds international academic exchange platforms; and serves as a strategic planning think-tank. The establishment of the Shenzhen Finance Institute will fulfill the Chinese government’s “One Belt, One Road” strategic plan; satisfy increased demand for advanced education and research-based institutions brought on by Shenzhen’s rapid economic growth;advance cooperation with Hong Kong; meet both the mainstream academic and industrial need fora research platform that understands the Chinese economy; and confront the challenge and opportunity of the global economic and financial market. Detailed responsibilities include:

       i. Cultivate innovative talents: The first batch of the graduate students have registered for the Master of Science in Finance Program in 2016; The relevant recruitment and launch for the Master of Science in Economics Program and Master of Science in Accounting Program already started;

       ii. Carry out high level research: Establish post-doctoral platforms; recruit exceptional scholars,domestically and internationally, to study the Chinese economy; and specialize in studying and resolving issues regarding the economic markets and policy developments inShenzhen and Hong Kong;

       iii. Establish an international exchange platform: Host periodical global academic conferences.We plan to cohost a variety of academic forums with the IMF (International Money Fund), Princeton University, and the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research);

       iv. Serve as a think-tank for financial and strategic planning: Establish an innovation oriented research center and form research teams to focus on cutting-edge economic issues and projects related to governmental policy;

       v. Collaborate actively with financial institutions: Collaboratively establish a Chinese stock market research base with the
Shenzhen Stock Exchange; host regular academic seminars and workshops; and organize frequent seminars with notable industry professionals regarding cutting-edge financial issues to promote positive social and industry changes.

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Introduction of Programmes


Master of Science in Finance Programme


       This programme provides students with comprehensive training that combines financial theories, quantitative skills and real-world applications for finance careers, such as jobs in securities, banking, financial management, and consulting industries.

       Graduates of this programme are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools and methods used in the broad financial industry. Such knowledge and skills will launch them into future financial service or corporate careers to become sought-after professionals that meet the high requirements of China and presumably international financial markets.



Master of Science in Economics Programme


       Our programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive training that combines economic theories, quantitative skills and real-world applications to launch them into a career in economic service sectors, including private financial institutions, government agencies such as the central bank, international trade companies, securities exchanges, and consulting industry.



Master of Science in Accounting Programme


       This programme is run in Shenzhen, one of the most dynamic cities throughout China, where tremendous opportunities are provided to the high-flyers. Numerous reputable companies, both domestically and internationally, with headquarters and regional offices are located here. Exciting opportunities here provide great development chances. This programme caters for accounting and non-accounting majors from any disciplines, tailor-made in a way to combine academic rigour with practical learning. It is designed to provide students with comprehensive training that combines accounting knowledge, analytical skills and real-world applications so as to nurture business professionals who are capable of coping with the increasingly complex and global business environment in the Mainland China. This programme is ideal for applicants who wish to pursue a career in accounting, finance, banking and management.